The complete experience @ the tAble is something you’ll be talking about for a long time to come.
While having a well cared for menu, the tAble will roll backwards and forwards 6 times between the kitchen and the restaurant.
Each time to tAble comes back you’ll be surprised and amazed and not only by the dish!

We’ll be taking you for a journey through our country, you’ll be tasting, hearing, seeing and feeling all the tasty and beautiful products our region has to offer!

Ready for it?

Price per person : € 120 all-in
Aperitif with bites,
2 starters with wine.
Main course with wine or beer.
Dessert with liqueur.
Coffee or thee with sweets.

New version! The Complete Experience 2.0 with English subtitles

18/05/19 - FULLY BOOKED
15/06/19 - FULLY BOOKED
06/07/19 - FULLY BOOKED
07/09/19 - limited places available
14/09/19 - places available
28/09/19 - FULLY BOOKED
05/10/19 - FULLY BOOKED
19/10/19 - limited places available
09/11/19 - places available
16/11/19 - FULLY BOOKED
23/11/19 - places available
14/12/19 - places available

Are you a group between 14 and 20 persons?
Please contact us, we can do the Complete Experience on a mutual arranged date.

Reservations : or +32 57 218 218