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What is there to do around Ypres?

On this page we will overwhelm you with endless inspiration to make sure that you will not be bored, or to convince you to spend a couple of days in Ypres.
Or to return, that would be great!


Ypres has some really interesting museums! And we have a lot more to say about them than you might expect ...

Last Post

The Last Post is something which once seen, you will never forget. This is definitely something you have to do whilst in Ypres.

On the trail of the Great War

For the duration of the First World War, Ypres was surrounded on three sides by German troops. The British and allies, reffered to this 'arch' of attack the Ypres Salient. Ypres itself was never captured but it was completed destroyed. The numerous monuments, burial grounds and stories about what happened here are compelling and inspiring.


The Westhoek is THE place to go cycling, whether you're fun-loving tourist or a (semi-) professional cyclist. And this year, Ypres is especially keen to encourage you to get on your bike to explore our beautiful region.


The Westhoek is also THE place for those who love walking; Ypres is the ideal base from which to explore on foot!


With its splendid scenery, the Westhoek also lends itself to a really relaxing round or two of golf.

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Getting together

Sometimes, you want to organise activities where different age-groups can do something together. The Westhoek is an ideal venue for such special days out. Let us show you some of the top things to do in our area. And not just with the kids in mind!

Bad weather!

It can happen, even in the most idyllic of locations! Hanging in your hotelroom wardrobe, you'll find a hip and trendy transparent umbrella. So you're well equipped for the occasional downpour. But if that shower becomes torrential, then maybe it's worth considering these indoor activities...


Goesting in méér dan dan enkel je overnachting ? Nu en dan hebben we een arrangement beschikbaar, waarmee er al meteen een heel deel van je bezoek geregeld is.

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